You possibly can always confer with an Air Duct Information for more data. SuperTech HVAC has one out there on its web site that you should use at residence, at work, and even to reply your co-staff’ questions about their home. It also comes in useful if you are planning to purchase a home. If you are considering air ducts in your new residence, you should utilize this handy guide to study more about them.

Class 1 air duct

A category I air duct meets all NFPA requirements for smoke and fire resistance. Its development makes use of accredited supplies and has a fireplace and smoke developed index of no more than 25. It is commonly utilized in industrial buildings, such as procuring malls, workplace buildings, and retail establishments. The NFPA 90A and 90B codes require Class I ducts to be installed up to 14 toes in length. To recognize a category I air duct, search for the “round” Class 1 air duct listing label. It is important to correctly help these ducts at really useful intervals and the utmost sag of 1/2″ per foot.

Versatile duct

A flexible air duct has many advantages. It is less complicated to put in and requires fewer tools than inflexible ducting. It can be easily bent and curved to accommodate totally different parts of the home. While its flexibility may be advantageous in some conditions, it is probably not suitable in others. Choosing a versatile duct that meets your wants is crucial to get the best results. Listed under are some tips to keep in mind earlier than purchasing a flexible duct.

Inflexible insulation panel

When you are working with ducts in your attic, you should consider putting in an airtight insulation layer to prevent condensation. Despite the fact that my landlord has just lately put in new home windows, she insists on leaving them open in the course of the summer time, which results in plenty of condensation. To fight the problem, I’m utilizing a rigid insulation panel for air duct. This is how it really works. You install the panel around the ducts with UL181 foil tape, and then seal the ducts with a vapor-tight layer of fiberglass insulation.

Joints in ductwork

There are a variety of varieties of joints in air ductwork. Flexicraft provides integrally flanged totally molded enlargement joints. These duct expansion joints are designed so as to add flexibility to industrial ducting methods by minimizing vibration and noise. Additionally they accommodate misalignments within the ductwork and have giant motion ranges and temperature ranges. In addition to being a fantastic possibility for HVAC purposes, flexible enlargement joints are needed in a variety of industries.


If you discover animals in your air ducts, you might want to take instant motion. Besides messing up your HVAC system, these animals also can harm your roof, insulation and electrical wiring. If you happen to discover signs of animal infestation in your air ducts, it could also be time to name an air duct cleansing service. In addition to removing animals from your house, you also needs to cowl any straightforward entry factors. If you reside in an space where there are timber, take away branches near your house.


To fix leakage, you have to first seal the duct. To do this, you possibly can apply mastic or aluminum tape to the joints and seams of the ducts. Then, use a chip brush to use the tape to the leaking areas. Earlier, handymen used duct tape to seal leaky ducts, nevertheless it was not meant for this goal. Due to this fact, it has been weakened over time. There are various ways to forestall leakage in air ducts.


Step one to preventing indoor air pollution in your house is to scrub your air ducts. Your air ducts acquire millions of tiny particles, which move from room to room quickly. These particles can embody harmful allergens and irritants. The EPA has ranked indoor air pollution as considered one of the top 5 threats to public well being. It is important to note that second-hand smoke can proceed to contaminate your air for weeks after you’ve put out the cigarette. Should you have any kind of concerns relating to wherever as well as the way to use, it is possible to contact us at our web-page.

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